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The flavors of Brindisi. Illustrated guide.

01-09-2021 22:21

Greetings from Puglia

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The flavors of Brindisi. Illustrated guide.

The province of Brindisi conceals specialties that delight the palate both for their sweetness and for their healthy and light taste.

The province of Brindisi hides specialties that delight the palate both for their sweetness and for their healthy and light taste. From fish soups to biscuits, there is only the embarrassment of choice. We inaugurate the social guides that Saluti dalla Puglia dedicates to the delicacies of the territory.

Fish soup are seasoned with cod and mullet. Fioroni are prickly pear fruits. Rich in pulp, they are also known in a sweet variant, which involves placing an almond between the two halves of the fruit, once they have been dried in the sun. ⠀

Brindisi doc is a red wine and rosé that derives from the Negroamaro and foresees the possible addition of black Malvasia. At the table can not miss the lampascioni. The bulbs of the lampascione plant are rich in mineral salts and can be enjoyed boiled, fried, baked or preserved in oil. ⠀

Let's finish with sweetness. We can opt for the curly sugared almond. It is a sugar cake that contains an almond, whose

name derives from its lumpy shape. Alternatively, the Ceglie biscuit is a shortcrust pastry filled with jam produced by the pastry chefs of Ceglie Messapica.



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